Energy storage power supply B: Large-capacity energy storage power supply, providing power protection for outdoor activities and emergency. The geometric shape and sleek R-angle design can present a stylish and minimalist aesthetic. The body is made of aluminum alloy CNC. The texture of the metal allows the product to reflect a more stable texture and enhance the trust of the product in the minds of consumers. The product is equipped with a variety of USB, TYPE-C, AC, and DC interface outputs to deal with the electrical configuration of various electrical appliances; the product has night lighting and ambient light functions, reflecting the humanized aspect.





The business and services we provide

According to industrial standards, it integrates industrial aesthetics and wisdom. From the appearance and structure, including the new aerodynamics, it boldly innovates to create a large space outdoor energy storage power supply with new standards in the industry.

1. Prenatal review: Participate from the forefront of industrial design, control the entire product development, design and production process to ensure that the finished product perfectly presents the design concept.

2. Innovative research and development: According to the requirements of product definition and appearance process, outline the internal structure that guarantees the realization of product functions and process requirements.

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